Texas Teen Book Festival, Austin

My daughter and I have been here the last five years.  She volunteers, meets authors, gets a look-see at early released YA books and meets up with other teens who love to read.  We love coming here!

As I’m sitting watching the crowd, I continue to understand that words, books, and libraries are truly revolutionary.  I’ve always had a fighting spirit and am now kind of disappointed I’d never seen this truth before…that the library has always been fighting for freedom. Freedom to explore all that it holds inside.

We live in a divided world.  Our differences are out there being judged, prioritized and politicized.  Here, though, in this little gym on the St. Edwards University campus, I see all of us – black, brown, white, young, old, straight, LGBTQIA – all of us with smiles on our faces, together geeking out on the smell of a new book, the words inside and the possibility of a new journey.

¡Que viva la revolución de palabras! ¡Que viva la revolución de libros! ¡Que viva la revolución de la biblioteca!



Check out this blog! I found the image from her. She seems to have an energy simpatico to mine, just a bit more fearless.  My adult goals continue!  Punk Rock Book Jockey!


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